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The future of retail, mobile, online, and digital-only banking technology in 2022

Digitalization is changing how people interact and do business on a day-to-day basis, and advancements in banking technology are continuing to influence the future of financial services around the world. An increasing demand for a digital banking experience from millennials and Gen Zers is transforming how the entire banking industry operates.  From retail and mobile banking, to neobank startups, technology […]

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How to block spam calls by sending unknown numbers straight to voicemail on your iPhone

Spam calls are on the rise. According to RoboKiller, which makes a popular phone app that blocks them, the number of spam calls received in the U.S. jumped 26% in the last year. Most of those spam calls were advertising vehicle warranties. Others include health insurance calls and vacation scams, according to RoboKiller. I get a […]

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Troubleshoot MX Records

Sometimes, you can have trouble setting up business email addresses for G Suite users. If your users aren’t receiving email at a new G Suite address and you think you made a mistake entering your MX records, here are some ways to verify and fix any errors. Step 1: Wait 72 hours for the records […]

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The New Reality Of Employee Loyalty

Millennials were three times more likely than non-millennials to change jobs in the last year, and 91% don’t expect to stay with their current organizations longer than three years. In a Workforce survey, 80% of respondents agreed that their definition of loyalty in the workplace had changed over time. More and more, employees define loyalty as it pertains to the […]

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The future of banking is basically robots running everything

Financial institutions are already using artificial intelligence to cut costs and deliver new services. But what about the customers? In 2020, we will start to see more and more AI-powered financial services for customers and by customers. Robo-advisers, chatbots and copbots auto-detecting fraudulent transactions are increasingly common. These uses are undoubtedly valuable, but the business […]

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