Troubleshoot MX Records

Sometimes, you can have trouble setting up business email addresses for G Suite users. If your users aren’t receiving email at a new G Suite address and you think you made a mistake entering your MX records, here are some ways to verify and fix any errors.

Step 1: Wait 72 hours for the records to change

It can take up to 72 hours for changes to MX records to go into effect. If it’s been less than 3 days since you set up your email with G Suite, wait to see if your new MX records work before troubleshooting. If you check your records before they’ve had time to change, you’ll see your old records.

Step 2: Check that your MX records are correct

Check the MX records that are applied to your primary domainCheck your MX records using an MX lookup toolCheck your DNS configuration with the Check MX tool

Step 3: Add or remove the @ sign

If you don’t see your domain host in the instructions list, contact them for clarification. Or, try adding the symbol or leaving the column blank. Then, after 72 hours, check the records again to see if it helped.

A common MX record error that can affect the delivery of your email is the entry in the NameHost, or Aliascolumn. When you add the MX records, to your DNS records with your domain host, your host might require an @symbol in this column or they might want the column left blank. Check our host-specific MX instructions to see what to enter in this column.

If your records look correct and you’re still not receiving mail, test the rest of your setup using the I’m not receiving mail troubleshooter.

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